Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Learn more about featured exhibitor’s products by attending these casual 20-minutes presentations on the show floor in the Learning Zone (Booth 435).

9:30–9:50 am

Designing Retaining Walls with the GEOWEB® System

Michael Dickey, P.E., Director, Presto Geosystems

Retaining wall systems are used to hold back earth and achieve grade separation between two adjacent points at different elevations. There are many types of retaining wall systems, including concrete, steel, gabions, sheet piling, and reinforced soil. The GEOWEB® Retaining Wall System, in general, belongs to the reinforced soil category. Depending on the slope angle and site conditions, retaining wall systems are commonly referred to as gravity walls, reinforced walls, or reinforced soil slopes. GEOWEB retaining walls make it possible to stabilize soil at the face of the wall or slope with a naturally vegetated fascia. In this demo, attendees will learn about 1) the different types of retaining wall systems that can be built with the GEOWEB system; 2) unique features of GEOWEB retaining walls and what sets them apart from other types of walls; and, 3) complimentary design tools and software offered by Presto Geosystems.

Visit Presto Geosystems in booth 525 on the show floor.

10–10:20 am

Automated geosynthetics packaging – 100% waterproof

Johnnie Erichsen, Senior Sales Manager, Tentoma

Senior Sales Manager Johnnie Erichsen from Tentoma, will go through how you can utilize the benefit of fully automated packaging using the RoRo StretchPack® technology.

During the presentation you will learn:

• to automate packaging of your geosynthetics/geotextiles
• to protect your geosynthetics/geotextiles with a 100% sealed and waterproof packaging
• to reduce film consumption by up to 60% and realize savings on operating cost
• to engage customers through branding on your products

Visit Tentoma in booth 130 on the show floor.

10:30–10:50 am

Achieving More Together with Berry

Blake Downey, Account Manager, Typar Geosynthetics

When partnering with Berry Global against short and long term sustainability goals, you can experience the benefits of more. More expertise, more capabilities, more scale, more investments. Achieving broad, sweeping change cannot be accomplished alone. We must have the alignment and personal commitment of those we work with to be More Together. Only by collaborating across the value chain can we accelerate a truly circular, net-zero economy. Join us to learn more about our commitment to a circular economy and how our industry leading portfolio can help you meet your sustainability goals.

Visit Typar Geosynthetics in booth 625 on the show floor.

11–11:20 am

Huesker – Extreme Strength Geosynthetics Made in America

Vona Ojaruega, Geo-Applications Engineer and Shandie Zimmerman, National Distribution Manager, HUESKER, Inc.

Soil reinforcement using geosynthetics for mechanically stabilized walls and reinforced steepened slopes would typically require the use of geogrids or geotextiles with tensile strengths ranging between 1,400 lbs/ft to 11,000 lbs/ft.

Innovative use of geosynthetics in solving civil engineering problems is on the rise and extreme strength geosynthetics with tensile strengths up to 170,000 lbs/ft are now being used for soil reinforcement applications such as void bridging, load transfer platforms, embankment on soft soils. etc.

These extreme strength geosynthetics (geogrids up to 120,000 lbs/ft and geotextiles up to 170,000 lbs/ft) made in America, are becoming increasingly popular and are allowing for the design of more complex structures.

Visit HUESKER Inc. in Booth 312 on the show floor.