Ground Improvement
(Organized by IGS-NA)
Session Chairs:
John McCartney, University of California, San Diego; and Yewei Zheng, Wuhan University

Design of Reinforcement Geosynthetics in Landfill Piggyback Expansion
Jean-Baptiste Duquet, Antea Group; Cédric Sarbach, Afitexinov; Stephan Fourmont, AFITEX-Texel

High Vertical Loads on Soft Foundation Soils Supported by Rigid Inclusions and High-Strength/Modulus Geosynthetic-Reinforced Load Transfer Platforms
Lilma Schimmel, Huesker Inc.; Alex Potter-Weight, Menard Group USA

Geosynthetics for Solar Farm Stabilization
Ashley MacMillan, TenCate Geosynthetics

Performance of Prefabricated Thermal Drains in Soft Clays
John McCartney and Radhavi Samarakoon, University of California, San Diego

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