Introducing Geosynthetics Case Study Conference 2020

The inaugural Geosynthetics Case Study Conference, which will run March 8–10, 2020, in Charleston, S.C., is a must-attend event featuring geotechnical practitioners, designers, regulators, contractors and installers coming together at this specialized edition of the highly respected Geosynethics Conference. Start making plans now to attend this educational and trade show event to learn about the many unique uses of geosynthetics through a variety of case studies.

The best way to leverage the conference is to be an active and engaged participant. You can help by presenting, chairing a session or exhibiting.


  • Presenter
  • Exhibitor
  • Reviewer
  • Session chair/cochair
  • Student volunteer

Why participate?

  • You can help shape the conference.
  • You can share your expertise with your colleagues.
  • Selected case studies will be published in Geosynthetics
  • You will receive registration discounts.

Become a presenter

Submit your case study proposal at Submissions will be open April 1–May 31, 2019. Accepted case studies submissions must provide an extended abstract (1–2 pages) and be presented on-site. No formal technical papers are required.

Case study proposals must be:

  • 200–300 words in length
  • Clearly written
  • A project with a geosynthetics component
  • Non-commercial
  • Technically accurate

General conference topics

  • Agriculture/aquaculture
  • Bridges and foundations
  • Conveyance and storage
  • Dams and levees
  • Drainage
  • Energy
  • Environmental (waste containment, tailings, etc.)
  • Failures
  • Geo-hazards mitigation
  • Geosynthetic testing and properties
  • Ground improvement
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydro-fracking
  • Innovative applications
  • Landfills
  • Mining and drilling
  • New materials
  • Paved roads
  • Shoreline and water protection
  • Soil erosion
  • Unpaved roads
  • Walls, embankments and slopes

Special consideration will be given to projects that represent unique uses and challenges.


For more information, contact:

Barbara J. Connett

Secretary General

Geosynthetics Case Study Conference 2020

+651 225 6914

To receive monthly conference updates via email, send your request to