Advancement of Using Geosynthetics in Construction of Transportation Infrastructure
Session Chairs: Lin Li, Tennessee State University; Jeffrey Gagnon, Federal Aviation Administration

  • Supporting Infrastructure Growth with Geosynthetics: Arusha Bypass Project, Tanzania
    J. J. O. Oriokot and M. Govender, Fibertex South Africa
  • Impact of Geogrids on Concrete Highway Pavement Performance
    Mark H. Wayne and Garrett Fountain, Tensar International Corp.; Jay Kwon, Kennesaw State University; Prajwol Tamrakar, Tensar International Corp.
  • Effect of Geogrid Inclusion on Ballast Breakage: A Numerical Study Using the Discrete Element Method
    Beema Dahal and Debakanta Mishra, Boise State University
  • Design and Construction of Sinkhole Safety Net with High-Strength Geosynthetics
    Kerry W. Petrasic, Geotechnical Engineer

Assessing Use of Geosynthetics in Pavement Foundation System Using Large Scale Tests
Session Chairs: Sonny Kim, University of Georgia; Murad Abu-Farsakh, Louisiana Transportation Research Center, Louisiana State University

  • Effect of Geosynthetics on Strength and Stiffness Improvement of Pavement Foundation Post-Trafficking
    Jason Wright and S. Sonny Kim, University of Georgia
  • Performance Evaluation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Pavement Built over Weak Subgrade Soil Using Cyclic Plate Load Test
    Murad Abu-Farsakh, Shadi Hanandeh, Louay Mohammad and Qiming Chen, Louisiana Transportation Research Center, Louisiana State University
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Hybrid Geosynthetic System to Reduce Surficial Heaving Using Large-Scale Box Test
    Bhaskar Chittoori, Boise State University; Mir Md Tamim, Cartwright Northwest; Debakanta Mishra, Boise State University
  • Development of a Shear Test for Unreinforced and Geosynthetic-Reinforced Hot Mix Asphalt
    L. Yang, G. H. Roodi and J. G. Zornberg, University of Texas at Austin
  • Using Bench-Scale Rutting Tests for Evaluation of Geosynthetic-Stabilized Aggregate Systems over Varying Subgrade Conditions
    Sangy Hanumasagar and J. David Frost, Georgia Institute of Technology

Drainage-Related Applications
Session Chairs: John Lostumbo, TenCate Geosynthetics; C. Joel Sprague, TRI Environmental

  • Inlet Protection Using Geosynthetic Sediment Retention Devices
    C. Joel Sprague and James E. Sprague, TRI Environmental
  • Drainage Improvement under Railways with the Use of a Drainage Geocomposite
    Stephan Fourmont and Mathilde Riot, AFITEX-Texel
  • Evaluate Hydraulic Compatibility of Geotextile and RCA In Underdrain Systems under Turbulent Flow Regime
    Aiyoub Abbaspour and Burak F. Tanyu, George Mason University
  • Laguna Niguel, Calif.: Nature Area Drainage Control with GCCM
    Joe Royer and Kurt Chirbas, Milliken Infrastructure Solutions LLC
  • Capillary and Moisture Control in Geotechnical Foundation Structures
    Brian Baillie, René Laprade and Bruce Lacina, TenCate Geosynthetics
  • Design of Geocomposites for Drainage According to ISO Norms
    Pietro Rimoldi, Officine Maccaferri SpA; Marco Isola, Maccaferri Inc.; Pietro Pezzano, Officine Maccaferri SpA; Aigen Zhao, Maccaferri Inc.

Session Chairs: Sitharam TG, Indian Institute of Science; Sreevalsa Kolathayar, Amrita University

  • Innovative Soil Reinforcement Solution with Geotextile Geocells: An Overview
    Mathilde Riot, AFITEX-Texel; Maxime Soude, SOL SOLUTION; Stephan Fourmont, AFITEX-Texel
  • Heavy Duty Pavement Design with NPA Geocells
    Ofer Kief, Double K. Geotechnical Engineers Ltd.
  • Large-Scale Experimental Studies to Evaluate the Resilient Modulus of Geocell-Reinforced Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Bases
    Anu M. George, Aritra Banerjee, Tom Taylor and Anand J. Puppala, University of Texas at Arlington
  • High-Strength Geocell and Geogrid Hybrid Reinforcement for Compressor Station Gravel Pad on Very Soft Subgrade
    Sanat Pokharel and Timothy Yii, Stratum Logics Inc.; Marc Breault, Paradox Access Solutions Inc.; Meisam Norouzi, Stratum Logics Inc.

Geotextile Tubes
Session Chairs:
Shobha Bhatia, Syracuse University; Brian Maggi, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

  • New Test Apparatus to Study Dewatering Behavior of Slurry in Multiple Filling Cycles for Geotextile Tube Design
    Tayfun Sengul, Dumlupınar University; Shobha K. Bhatia, Syracuse University
  • Wave-Induced Instability of Seabed beneath Geotextile Sand Containers
    Amin Rafiei, M. A. Gabr and M. S. Rahman, North Carolina State University
  • Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Acid Mine Drainage Using Geotextile Tubes Containment and Dewatering Technology
    Tom Stephens, TenCate Geosynthetics Americas
  • The Variation of Tension Force in Sand- and Clay-Filled Geotextile Tubes
    Hyeong-Joo Kim, Tae-Woong Park, Hyeong-Soo Kim and Peter Rey Dinoy, Kunsan National University

Ground Improvement Related Topics

Session Chairs: Jennifer E. Nicks, Federal Highway Administration; Sitharam TG, Indian Institute of Science

  • Development of Nonwoven Geotextiles Flexible Mold for Sample Preparation in MICP
    Lin Li, Tennessee State University; Shihui Liu and Kejun Wen, Jackson State University
  • Experimental Study on Geotextile-Reinforced Sand Fill over Soft Soil Subgrade Improved by Deep Cement Mixed Soil Columns under Local Loading Condition
    Pei-Chen WU, Jian-Hua YIN and Tsz-On HO, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • A Case Study of Predicted and Field Measured Settlement of a Large Diameter Tank Constructed on the Geotextile Reinforced Earth Foundation with Challenging Soil Conditions
    Laxmi Kant Kachhwal and Matthew Dean, Nichols Environmental (Canada) Ltd.; Santino S. Piccoli and Brock Nesbit, TenCate Geosynthetics Americas; Justin Lefrancois, VTEK Consultants Inc.
  • Working with Volcanic Ash on the Island of Hawaii
    Nicholas Kam, Reza Rahimnejad and Robin M. Lim, Geolabs, Inc.
  • Behavior of Geosynthetic-Encased Crushed Construction and Demolition Debris Stone Columns
    P. V. Divya, IIT Palakkad; R. M. Neethu, Former undergraduate student

GRS Bridges and Abutments

Session Chairs: Ben Leshchinsky, Oregon State University; Michael T. Adams, Federal Highway Administration

  • Behavior of a Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System due to Thermal Effects
    Phillip S. K. Ooi, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Michael T. Adams, Federal Highway Administration; Joseph Brandin Lawrence, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam
  • Finite Element Parametric Study on the Performance of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil–Integrated Bridge System (GRS–IBS)
    Allam Ardah and Murad Abu-Farsakh, Louisiana State University
  • Model Tests Investigating the Behavior of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Abutments Subjected to Static Footing Load
    Chao Xu, Xuesong Mei and Panpan Shen, Tongji University; Jie Han, University of Kansas
  • Validation of a 3D Numerical Model for Static Analysis of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutments
    Yewei Zheng, Old Dominion University; Patrick J. Fox, Pennsylvania State University; John S. McCartney, University of California, San Diego
  • Lateral Earth Pressure Distribution with Depth for GRS Mini-Abutments
    Jennifer E. Nicks and Michael T. Adams, Federal Highway Administration

Incorporating the Benefits of Geosynthetic Reinforcement into Flexible Pavement Design
Session Chairs: Murad Abu-Farsakh, Louisiana Transportation Research Center/Louisiana State University; Jeffrey Gagnon, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

  • Use of Geosynthetics in Flexible Airport Pavements
    Benjamin Mahaffay, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Jeremy Robinson, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC); Jeffrey Gagnon, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Gregory Norwood, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
  • Mechanical Stabilization of Unsuitable Subgrade Soils During Interstate 95 Lane Widening
    Bryan C. Gee, Tensar International Corp.; Eric Klein, RK&K; William T. Maier, Tensar International Corp.
  • Review of Multi-Year Experience with Geogrid Stabilized Flexible Pavements in Novi, Mich.
    Joseph A. Heintz and Bryan C. Gee, Tensar International Corp.
  • Quantification of the Migration of Subgrade Soil into Pavement Aggregate Subbase and the Effectiveness of Geotextile Separation
    Kerry W. Petrasic, Geotechnical Engineer
  • Innovative Design Approach of Using Biaxial Double Twist Steel Wire Mesh Asphalt Reinforcement for Safawi-Iraqi Border Road Rehabilitation Project
    Jayakrishnan Puthiya Veettil, Maccaferri Middle East LLC; Marco Isola, Maccaferri USA; Pietro Pezzano, and Pietro Rimoldi, Officine Maccaferri SpA


Interface Properties for Environmental Applications/Geosynthetics with Cementitious Materials
Session Chairs: Eric Blond, Consultant; Xiaochao Tang, Widener University

  • Third-Point Bending Test of Simply-Supported Concrete Beams Reinforced by Geogrids
    Xiaochao Tang, Isaac Higgins and Mohamad N. Jlilati, Widener University
  • Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats: Essential Characteristics and Properties
    William Crawford and Marcin Kujawski, Concrete Canvas Ltd.
  • Protection of Reinforced Soil Structures Using Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats
    Lee Church, Concrete Canvas Ltd; Chaido Doulala-Rigby, Tensar International Ltd.
  • Effective Stress Interface Shear Strength Testing: Drained Testing Protocols and Other Associated Concerns
    John M. Allen, CETCO; Jeffrey A. Kuhn, TRI Environmental Inc.
  • The High Friction Angle in Bituminous Geomembranes
    Natalie Daly, Axter Coletanche Inc; Bernard Breul, Axter SAS
  • GCL Specimen Preparation for Internal and Interface Shear Strength Testing
    J. P. Kline, Geotechnics Inc.


Long-Term Performance of Geomembranes
Session Chairs: Fady Abdelaal, Queen’s University; R. Kerry Rowe, Queen’s University

  • Chemical Durability of Bituminous Geomembranes in Heap Leaching Applications at 55°C
    Alireza Samea and Fady B. Abdelaal, Queen’s University
  • Antioxidant Depletion from Single-Sided and Double-Sided Textured Geomembranes in Two Different Immersion Solutions
    Mohsen Zafari and Fady B. Abdelaal, Queen’s University
  • Evaluation of an HDPE Geomembrane from a Composite Liner after 12 Years of Atmospheric Exposure
    Kuo Tian, George Mason University; Craig H. Benson, University of Virginia; Nazli Yeşiller and James Hanson, California Polytechnic State University
  • Assessment of Condition of an Uncovered Geosynthetic Landfill Bottom Liner System
    James L. Hanson and Nazlı Yeşiller, California Polytechnic State University
  • Long-Term Performance of HDPE Geomembranes Exposed to a High Temperature Brine Solution
    Andrew Mills, Layfield Canada Ltd.; Brian Fraser, Layfield USA Corp.; David Beaumier, SAGEOS/CTT Group
  • Durability of Fabricated Geomembranes: 20-Year Update
    Timothy D. Stark and Rodrigo Fernandez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Zach Wenz and Steven Koski, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Management of Bio and Other Gases
Session Chairs: Stephan Fourmont, AFITEX-Texel; Jongwan Eun, University of Nebraska–Lincoln; James Tinjum, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Protection of Building Against Soil Gas Infiltrations Using Drainage Geocomposites
    Stephan Fourmont, AFITEX-Texel; Jean-François Belanger, Alphard
  • Field-Scale Modeling of Landfill Gas Emission through Intermediate Cover with Gas Collection System
    Mostafa Afzalian, Yuan Feng and Jongwan Eun, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Diffusive Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Migration through Polymeric Landfill Interim Covers with Co-Extruded EVOH, PE Geofilm, LLDPE and PVC Geomembranes
    Mehmet Yilmaz, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Jongwan Eun, University of Nebraska–Lincoln; James M. Tinjum, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Management of Soil Gases and Biogases with Biodigesters, Made with PVC Geomembranes
    Adolpho Meldau and Afonso Moretti, CIPATEX Group; Fabio Marques Barretta, Agricultural Technician
  • Geosynthetic Final Cover Systems and Landfill Gas Control
    Delaney Lewis, Watershed Geosynthetics; Chris Richgels, AGRU America Inc.
  • EVOH Geomembranes for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
    Edgard Chow, Kuraray America Inc.


Other Environmental Related Topics
Session Chairs: Joseph Scalia, Colorado State University; Boyd J. Ramsey, Boyd Ramsey Consulting LLC

  • Performance of Blended Polyolefin and LLDPE Geomembranes in Heap Leach Pads Based on OIT
    Mohamed S. Morsy, Fady B. Abdelaal and R. Kerry Rowe, Queen’s University
  • PVC Sheet Piling for Cut-Off and Containment Barriers
    Brendan Sheppard and Steve Hargrave, CMI Limited Co.
  • Geomembrane Bubble Management at a Dredged Spoil Disposal Impoundment
    George R. Koerner and Robert M. Koerner, Geosynthetic Institute
  • Use of Conductive Geosynthetics to Increase Water Storage Infrastructure Longevity and Reliability in Hydro-Fracking
    Steve Roeder, Mustang Extreme Environmental Services
  • Robust Ion Exchange Resistant GCLs for Mining Applications
    Michael S. Donovan, John Allen, Dennis Wind and Barbara Gebka, CETCO


River and Coastal Protection
Session Chairs: Ningjun Jiang, University of Hawaii; Brian Maggi, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

  • Geosynthetic Reinforced Dunes and Bluffs: No Longer Just an Emergency Solution for Shoreline Protection and Improving Resiliency?
    Brian Maggi, Christopher D. P. Baxter, Aaron Bradshaw, Annette Grilli and Naser Al Naser, University of Rhode Island
  • Mountain Creek Stream Bank Restoration SCOURLOK™ Engineered Bank Stabilization
    Jeffery T. Hoilman, Propex Operating Co. LLC; Stanley M. Miller, University of Idaho
  • Sand-Filled Geotextile Mattress Installed to Recover and Protect Critical Section of Waikiki Beach
    Tom Stephens, TenCate Geosynthetics Americas
  • Evaluation of Geotextiles-Soil Filtration Characteristics Using the Gradient Ratio Test Analysis for Soil
    Abhilasha P. S. and Antony Balan G. Thadicaran, Karunya University


Shear Strength Properties of Geosynthetic Interfaces
Session Chairs: Eric Blond, Consultant; Bora Cetin, Iowa State University

  • Performance of Ballast-Subballast Interface Stabilized with Geogrids
    Syed Khaja Karimullah Hussaini and Kumari Sweta, Indian Institute of Technology Patna
  • Factors Affecting Local Stiffness Quantification of Geogrid-Aggregate Interlock Investigated Using Bender Elements
    Erol Tutumluer and Joon Han Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Yong-Hoon Byun, Kyungpook National University; Max Orihuela, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Mark H. Wayne, Tensar International Corp.
  • Interfacial Shear Properties of Natural Geosynthetics Interlayered Asphalt Overlay
    Shiyamalaa S and Rajagopal K, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  • Veneer Instability of a Frozen Geomembrane-to-Geotextile Interface
    Maxwell R. Koerner, George R. Koerner and Robert M. Koerner, Geosynthetic Institute
  • Pullout Testing of Geogrids, Geostraps and Steel Strips Embedded in Foamed Glass Aggregate
    Theresa Andrejack Loux, AeroAggregates LLC; Robert H. Swan, Drexel University; Zehong Yuan, SGI Testing Services LLC; Archie Filshill, AeroAggregates LLC
  • Geocomposite Lamination Strength Design and Testing: A New Approach
    Richard Thiel, Thiel Engineering; Douglas Gatrell, GHD

Synthetic Turf and Geofoam

Session Chairs: Ming Zhu, Watershed Geosynthetics; Jie Huang, University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Hydrologic Performance of Synthetic Turf Cover Systems and Their Equivalency to Prescriptive Cover Systems
    Clinton P. Carlson, Geosyntec Consultants Inc.; Ming Zhu, Watershed Geosynthetics LLC; Ali Ebrahimi, Geosyntec Consultants Inc.
  • Stress-Strain Behaviors of Different Geofoams
    Junqi Wang, North China Electric Power University (Visiting scholar at the University of Texas at San Antonio); Jie Huang and Chao Zheng, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Geofoam Stiffness Effect on Surface Load Distribution on Buried Box Culverts Installed with the Induced Trench Method
    Mahdi Al-Naddaf and Jie Han, University of Kansas; Chao Xu, Tongji University
  • Case Histories of TRMs with Double Twisted Wire Mesh Reinforcement
    Marianna Ferrara, Stefano Rignanese, Aigen Zhao and Davide Invernizzi, Maccaferri Inc.
  • Advanced Geomembrane Technology for Enhanced Protection of EPS Geofoam in Transportation Systems
    Eric Schmid, Harry Harlow, Dan Smith and Steven Redford, Raven Engineered Films
  • Concrete Enhanced Synthetic Turf: An Innovative Erosion Control Solution
    Bradford H. Cooley and Bryan Scholl, Watershed Geosynthetics

Testing and Properties

Session Chairs: George R. Koerner, Geosynthetic Institute; Dr. Ömer Bilgin, University of Dayton

  • Temperature Effects on the Peak and Large-Displacement Shear Strength of Needle-Punched Reinforced GCLs
    Shahin Ghazizadeh and Christopher A. Bareither, Colorado State University
  • Investigation of Combined Effects on Measured Strains of Geogrid
    Seyed Mustapha Rahmaninezhad and Jie Han, University of Kansas; Wessam Mohammed, Villanova University; Ghaith Abdulrasool, Iraqi Ministry of Oil, Design Division
  • Biaxial Tension Tests for Determination of Elastic Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio of Biaxial Geogrids
    Steve Perkins, Montana State University; Henry Haselton, Recent Graduate Student, Engineer in Training
  • In-Isolation Properties of Biaxial and Triangular Geogrids along Various Directions
    M. M. Aboelwafa, G. H. Roodi and J. G. Zornberg, University of Texas at Austin
  • Correlation between Capillary Flow and Dry Sieving Test Results of Woven and Nonwoven Geotextiles
    Nuzhath Fatema and Shobha K. Bhatia, Syracuse University


Top Covers
Session Chairs: Andy Durham, Owens Corning; Christopher Timpson, TenCate Geosynthetics

  • Performance Evaluation of a 23-Year-Old Exposed HDPE Pond Liner
    Rutuparna Joshi, Geosyntec Consultants Inc.; Scott Deal, Glenn Springs Holdings Inc.
  • A History of Geomembrane Floating Covers in Australia
    Alex Gersch, Layfield Australia
  • Performance of a Modular Insulated Geosynthetics Floating Cover: Heat Loss Modelling and Verification
    Rohit Sati, Layfield Geosynthetics; Hemant Bansal and Petr Nikrityuk, University of Alberta
  • Wind Uplift Resistance of Exposed Geomembranes
    Robert Wallace and Brenda Palermo, AECOM
  • Remediation Case Study of Uranium Ore Residues Settling Basin
    Laura Carbone, Ole Syllwasschy and Lilma Schimmel, HUESKER Synthetic Gmbh

Walls and Slopes (1)

Session Chairs: Shobha K. Bhatia, Syracuse University; Melissa Beauregard, United States Air Force Academy

  • U.S. Bank Stadium Geosynthetic Reinforced Stress Relief Wall: Design, Construction and Fire Damage Mitigation
    Nathan M. Lichty and Stephan M. Gale, Gale-Tec Engineering Inc.; Tim Bendell, TenCate Geosynthetics
  • Geogrid Reinforced Soil Slope for Repair of Landslide Failure at an Oil Well Platform
    Jeff A. Segar, Braun Intertec Corp.
  • Geogrid Reinforced Soil Structures Reach New Heights
    Sachin M. and Mehari W., Maccaferri Inc.
  • Soil Bioengineering: Synergistic Composite Design Systems for Highly Steepened Sites
    Robbin B. Sotir, Robbin B. Sotir & Associates Inc.; Barry R. Christopher, Christopher Consultants
  • Highway Embankment Construction Using a Geosynthetic Wrap-Face Vegetated Wall System
    Stanley M. Miller, University of Idaho; Drew Loizeaux, Propex GeoSolutions

Walls and Slopes (2)
Session Chairs: Michael Simac, EARTH Improvement Technologies; Ryan Berg, Ryan R Berg & Associates, Inc.

  • Design and Repair of a Reinforced Steep Slope, Pinnacle Shopping Center at Tutwiler, Birmingham, Ala.
    Robert L. Goehring, ECS Southeast LLP
  • Geosynthetic Strip MSE Wall Case Study at Point Defiance Marina
    Paul C. Frankenberger and Robert Lozano, The Reinforced Earth Company
  • Repair of a Segmental Retaining Wall with Multiple Failure Modes
    Donal J. Armstrong, Oldcastle Architectural
  • Stabilization of Tiered Geosynthetic MSE Wall at Carver High School
    Chadwycke L. Clark and Lance Carter, Earth Retention Systems
  • Yeager Airport: Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the Side of a Mountain
    Allen Cadden, Schnabel Engineering; Gary Brill and Michael Senior, Schnabel Engineering

Water Storage and Management
Session Chairs: Christopher Timpson, TenCate Geosynthetics; Stephan Fourmont, AFITEX-Texel

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Lined Produced/Flow-back Water Evaporation Ponds
    Neil C. Nowak, SCS Engineers
  • Comparison of Factory and Field Thermally Welded Geomembrane Seams
    T. D. Stark and M. A. Hernandez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; D. S. Rohe, Environmental Protection Inc.
  • Liquid Flow Mechanism at a Geosynthetic Clay Liner Overlay
    Isuri Weerasinghe, Chaminda Gallage and Les Dawes, Queensland University of Technology; Preston Kendall, Geofabrics Australasia
  • CSPE Performance & History in Long-Term Potable Water Storage Applications
    Brian Fraser, Layfield USA; Steven Roades, Burke Industries; Mike Neal, Layfield USA; Alex Gersch, Layfield USA
  • The Use of Bituminous Geomembranes (BGM) for Ponds and Shale Gas Ponds
    Natalie Daly, Axter Coletanche Inc; Bernard Breul, Axter SAS

Zero Leakage and Leak Detection in Lining Systems
Session Chairs: Kent P. von Maubeuge, NAUE GmbH & Co. KG; Fady Abdelaal, Queen’s University

  • Electrical Leak Location Testing for Zero Leak Verification
    Abigail Gilson, TRI Environmental
  • Material Interface Types: Impact on Destruct Sample Failure Rates
    Glen W. Toepfer and Brent J. Duganiero, CQA Solutions Ltd.
  • Weld Integrity: Moving Beyond Peel and Shear
    Glen W. Toepfer, CQA Solutions Ltd.
  • Applications of Leak Location Surveys in the Mining Industry
    Priscila M. Zidan, Luiz P. A. Frigo and Luciano S. Leal, Evolui Consultoria Ambiental; Matthew Kemnitz, Leak Location Services Inc.
  • The Future of Geomembrane Installation: Utilizing Smart Technology and Data Acquisition to Enhance Installation Standards, Project QC/QA and Reporting
    Allen M. Bullock, Leister Technologies LLC
  • Impact of Microstructure on HDPE Geomembrane Seaming and Vice Versa
    Ian D. Peggs, I-CORP International Inc.; Graham Fairhead, Fabtech Australia