Innovative Applications 1
Session Chair:
Rutuparna Joshi, Watershed Geo

Prediction Models for Deformation and Punching Shear Resistance of Geogrid-Reinforced Working Platforms Under Tracked Plant
Arash Khansari and Lars Vollmert, BBG Bauberatung Geokunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG; Christopher Quirk and Jörg Klompmaker, NAUE GmbH & Co. KG

Monitoring and Warning System Including a Bi-Modulus Geosynthetic for the Reinforcement of Cohesive Soil on Cavities
Mathilde Riot, Afitexinov; Cyrille Balland, Ineris; Philippe Delmas, Consultant; Pascal Villard, Maria Delli Carpini and Fabrice Emeriault, 3SR, Université de Grenoble; Stephan Fourmont, Afitex-Texel

High-Strength Polymeric Geocell-Reinforced Railway Line Repair in Degraded Permafrost Condition
Sanat Pokharel, Stratum Logics Inc.; Marc Breault, Paradox Access Solutions Inc.

Geosynthetic Portable Coffer Dams for Civil Construction Applications
Brian Fraser, Layfield Geosynthetics; Mike Neal, Layfield USA

Innovative Applications 2
Session Chair:
Rutuparna Joshi, Watershed Geo

Numerical Modeling on the Use of Geotextiles to Reinforce Buried HDPE Pipes Subjected to Localized Ground Subsidence
Min Zhou, North University of China; Fei Wang, Tarleton State University; Yan-Jun Du, Southeast University

The Effectiveness of Geosynthetic Protection of Buried Pipes from Static Loads based on Pipe Stiffness
Ryan Corey, RTE Technologies; Deep Khatri, United Consulting; Jie Han and Robert Parsons, University of Kansas

Landfill Closure with Engineered Turf Cover
Ming Zhu, Bryan Scholl, and Rutuparna Joshi, Watershed Geosynthetics

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